Morgan discussing hourly consulting with clients

By the Hour

For those clients who are seeking help or advice on a specific issue or concern, we offer an hourly consulting service as well as a project-based fee. For example, we have helped clients with:

  • Preparing a second opinion on existing investment strategies
  • Determining retirement savings distribution strategy
  • Calculating the necessary funding for college and education
  • Comparing Social Security claiming strategies
  • Reviewing Roth IRA conversion options

Our consulting service is a good way to tap our expertise about a specific matter for those clients who do not meet our investment asset minimum, or for those clients who prefer to manage their own investments. In this type of relationship, a client tells us what they need and we provide the analysis, research, or data necessary to provide the answers.

Compensation for our consulting services is at the following rates:

President $250/hour
Senior Financial Advisor $200/hour
Associate Planner $100/hour
Client Service Associate $75/hour

We require an initial retainer in order to begin this service. Once the retainer has been exhausted, further hourly fees incurred will be due as invoiced on a monthly basis and/or completion of the consulting services.

Project Based Fees

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Our most commonly requested analyses are provided at the following flat fees:

Retirement and Investment Analysis $2,000
Education Analysis $750
Retirement and Education Analysis $2,500

Upon completion of hourly or project work, our consulting clients often choose to transition to an ongoing investment management relationship. For those clients, we will credit those fees against their investment management fees.