Morgan discussing comprehensive financial planning with clients

Stone Asset Management of Austin, TX knows the importance of our client’s ability to understand the big picture when it comes to their finances. Starting with a thorough review and analysis of a client’s current financial situation, we incorporate their dreams and goals, and quantify what will be financially necessary to achieve them. Financial planning is really life planning; determining how to accumulate the resources to live the life you desire.

Together, we will consider these types of questions:

  • When can I retire?
  • What kind of lifestyle can I achieve, both before and during retirement?
  • Are my goals realistic based on my current assets and savings rate?
  • Do I have the right priorities?
  • Am I taking too many risks, or too few?

Next, we will identify gaps between what a client has and what they need to achieve their goals, and recommend specific actions and solutions - customized just for them. A personal financial plan can address:

  • Investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Education funding
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance review
  • Debt and Cash Flow management
  • Tax planning

In addition to our own expertise on financial management, Stone Asset Management has professional relationships with a network of specialists outside our firm—attorneys who can draft documents, CPAs who can assist with tax matters, and others. This network allows us to provide advice as in-depth as you require. We can be a single source of advice for all of your financial needs.

Like life, financial planning is a process, not an event. Stone Asset Management asks the right questions and applies its expertise to create a plan with specific recommendations to meet the clients goal(s).

Our fee for a personal financial plan is dependent on the size of the estate and the complexity of the assets and issues. Fee quotes are generally provided at the end of the initial consultation meeting, once we have reviewed your situation in detail. Our minimum fee for a personal financial plan is $4,000.